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Michael Tucker


Michael Tucker manages the Infrastructure and Growth team at MfE.

Michael is a qualified planner, with over 30 years’ experience working in both the private and public sectors.

A strong theme of Michael’s past work has been urban growth management - in particular overseeing the Auckland Regional Growth Strategy, the development of the Auckland Plan, advancing critical growth components such as defining Auckland’s rural urban boundary, and aligning future infrastructure and growth through the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy. He did similar work in the Bay of Plenty leading the development of the Tauranga Urban Strategy and contributing to the Smart Growth partnership.

Since joining the Ministry for the Environment, Michael led a team that developed the ‘planning’ components of the Natural and Built Environment Act and Spatial Planning Act 2023. He now leads the Infrastructure and Growth team at MfE. This teams makes up one leg of the three-legged urban infrastructure, policy and planning unit stool. Much of their work seeks to ensure that there is well informed urban and infrastructure policy to feed into wider policy areas such as RM reform, the Emissions Reduction Plan etc, and RMA national direction such as the NPS on renewal energy. A recent project involves how government can aid in advancing Nature Based Solutions to improve urban stormwater outcomes across New Zealand.

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